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Black & Pink

I currently serve as the Director of advocacy at the Black & Pink National Non-profit organization. Black & Pink Supports LGBTQIA2S+ people and people living with HIV/AIDS impacted by the prison industrial complex.

Black Aids Institute

BAI is deeply committed to exposing the systems and roots of oppression used around the world and in the US to particularly marginalize Black people as a whole. With a deep understanding that health justice is racial justice, we not only address the social determinants of health but dig deep into understanding how unlearning isms and phobias contribute to decreased health disparities amongst Black people and increased ability for health service providers and institutions to address a Black person as a whole and not a part of a sum. BAI is revolutionizing the HIV service industry to center and uplift Black experiences to allow Black people to live their fullest, healthiest lives with dignity, care, and respect.


We are an organization built to support trans women in all areas of life. We believe that it is only right that trans women receive the same opportunities in life as everyone else, and we have made our duty to prepare each other for the best life possible

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